Lipton – drink tea to keep fit

Lipton is Unilever’s global tea brand. This is also the leading tea brand in the world. Lipton mainly offers three varieties: tea bags, packet tea and Ice Tea. Offered in both hot and cold format this brand is targeted to ‘Aspiring’ segment and mainly to the youth. The intended current positioning of the brand is ‘tea for out-of-home consumption’. So, the brand is available in forms like: 250 ml glass bottles, 200 ml vending cups, 245 ml cans and one litre tetra pack. For the same reason the brand is sold in 15,000 vending machines across the country… Continue reading

Brooke Bond – Liquor of Love to Cheers Your Senses

Brooke Bond brand was launched in India long back in 1903. This leading tea brand of India touches lives of more than 500 million consumers. The four sub-brands of Brooke Bond are… Continue reading

Chai Mazedaar Har Baar but how?

NESTLÉ EVERYDAY is a key Nestlé brand in the milk product category. There are three sub-brands under this brand – NESTLÉ EVERYDAY Dairy Whitener, NESTLÉ EVERYDAY Slim and NESTLÉ EVERYDAY Ghee.

Launched in 1986 ‘NESTLÉ EVERYDAY Dairy Whitener’ is credited to be the creator of Dairy Whitener segment in India. This is a mass market product and positioned as a replacement for milk to be used in tea. The company website says: it is a creamy Dairy Whitener which is specially made to add a rich, smooth taste to your tea – every time, every day. And… Continue reading