Fair & Lovely – Is marketing meant for exploiting the consumers?


Today we will discuss about the popular personal care brand Fair & Lovely. This HUL skin-care brand for ‘Aspiring’ segment was launched in India in 1978. The brand promises the benefit of ‘making complexion fairer over a period of six weeks’. The target segment for the brand is middle class Indian women who want fairer skin. The message is conveyed in ads where women using the brand become fairer and get ahead in life by attracting men and jobs. Of late, the range of the products under the brand is extended to include: Ayurvedic Fairness cream, Anti-Marks cream, Oil control… Continue reading

Pond’s – the new Fair & Lovely?

A New York based pharmacist Theron T Pond is credited with the invention of Pond’s in 1846. Pond’s Cold Cream and Vanishing Cream was launched in 1914 in USA. Pond’s became a part of the Unilever family in 1987. The brand is available in India from 1947 and current it’s an international beauty icon with presence in 58 countries across the world. The brand offers two main products: cream and talcum powder.

Pond’s Cream:
Historically the positioning of Pond’s Cream is not very consistent. Though the core of Pond’s is softness or gentleness they unsuccessfully tried to position… Continue reading