Rexona – flawless skin or 24 hours protection?

Launched in 1947, this soap is also for the family and positioned as ‘natural skin care soap to give silky, glowing skin’. The positioning of the brand has not changed over the years. Leftside ad of Rexona soap (‘TNMG’ Print Ad of the day) is from 1980s. So, there is not much difference in current positioning of Hamam and Rexona soaps.
That the Rexona soap contains the goodness of coconut is promoted in its ads and from 2005 the re-launched re-packaged modern avatar of Rexona also contains cucumber. ‘For clear, flawless skin’ is the brand proposition of Rexona soap.

Hamam – Tejaswi Roop

This brand was launched in India in 1934. Hamam is for the ‘Aspiring’ or mid-segment. This HUL soap is positioned as ‘caring, protection-for-the-family’ or ‘complete natural family’ soap. While Liril tends to be ‘trendy’ Hamam is ‘Traditional’. The ads of this soap used to show traditional family members – mostly mother and child in a natural setting and used the emotional appeal of ‘Trust’ as the mother explained to the child as Hamam to be synonymous with trust.

Of late though the characters and settings remain almost same but the appeal shifts to ‘Roop’ or ‘Beauty’ from… Continue reading

Lifebuoy – Making a billion Indians feel safe and secure

This is another HUL soap brand for the ‘Striving’ or mass segment. This more than 100 years old brand is used by more than 500 million people across India. It is also world’s largest selling soap brand. Consequently HUL has the following vision for the brand: ‘Making a billion Indians feel safe and secure by meeting all their health and hygiene needs’.

Other than the main sub-brand Lifebuoy Total these are its other sub-brands: Lifebuoy deofresh – targeted at freshness, Lifebuoy nature – containing all… Continue reading