Sunsilk is a popular personal care brand from the house of Unilever. It was launched in India in 1964. It is the HUL shampoo brand for the ‘Aspiring’ or mid-segment specially women. The intended positioning of the brand over the years has changed from ‘Shampoo plus cosmetic’ to ‘Beauty Shampoo’ to ‘Hair Expert’. Find below a 1972 Sunsilk ad which focuses only on technical and functional attributes:


But over the years there has been constant effort to add emotional appeal to the brand. Currently following is what the HUL site… Continue reading


Aviance is the top-end skin care solution from HUL for the ‘Affluent’ or premium segment. It offers customized solutions to the individuals ‘customized to their specific skin types and requirements’. It was earlier meant for only women but currently extended to launch products for men as well. The reason for the brand extension is: “Aviance has created many beautiful women and beautiful women deserve good-looking men”. The Aviance range primarily consists of skin care products. The range also includes customized hair care products and colour cosmetics.


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Pond’s – the new Fair & Lovely?

A New York based pharmacist Theron T Pond is credited with the invention of Pond’s in 1846. Pond’s Cold Cream and Vanishing Cream was launched in 1914 in USA. Pond’s became a part of the Unilever family in 1987. The brand is available in India from 1947 and current it’s an international beauty icon with presence in 58 countries across the world. The brand offers two main products: cream and talcum powder.

Pond’s Cream:
Historically the positioning of Pond’s Cream is not very consistent. Though the core of Pond’s is softness or gentleness they unsuccessfully tried to position… Continue reading