This toothpaste brand was launched in India in 1975. It primarily targets the youth segment. To promote the youthful image it was the first brand in India to launch the gel toothpaste and is credited to be the creator of that segment. With the re-launch in 2004 Closeup promises to provide the benefit of ‘fresher breath and stronger, whiter teeth’. In tune with the target segment of youth – Closeup is offered in attractive colors & packaging and its ads shows young guys and girls impressing each other with their new found Closeup confidence. Earlier Closeup ads used to focus… Continue reading


Launched in 1993 this brand is for ‘Aspiring’ as well as ‘Striving’ i.e. for both mid and mass segments. The brand stands for non-stop protection from germs even after hours of brushing. Two important marketing tactics by the brand to gain more customer confidence was to offer all its consumers the Germ Indicator in February-May 2002 and Dental Insurance in October the same year.

A very popular and effective series of Pepsodent ads show a child eating out without fear of being scolded by mother as he brushes regularly with Pepsodent where as there is the other child who… Continue reading

Clinic is Clear

Clinic is the popular shampoo brand from HUL for primarily the men. The key positioning of the brand revolves around the theme of anti-dandruff. Clinic has two main sub-brands under it:

Clinic Plus: Launched in 1987, it is for the ‘Striving’ or mass-segment. It promises to offer five-fold benefits: strengthens weak hair, prevents hair breakage, softens rough dry hair, shine for thick and healthy hair, and contains anti-dandruff ingredient. Normal Indian family being the target segment ads of this brand shows people in common day situations having great hair by using the brand. To change the typical Indian mindset… Continue reading

ITC Brands in Personal Care Category

Essenza Di Wills

This is the ‘Super Premium’ personal care brand from ITC. It is the range of ‘prestige fine fragrances’ and was launched in mid 2005. The signature range Inzio has distinct ranges for men (Inizio Homme) and women (Inizio Femme) and provides a ‘comprehensive grooming regime’. The Aqua range for men is a symbol of ‘essence of stylish and confident man’. The latest addition to this brand is ‘Mikkel’ which stands for a ‘fine balance between Mystery and Elegance’.

Fiama Di Wills

This is the ‘Premium’ personal care brand from… Continue reading

Lifebuoy – Making a billion Indians feel safe and secure

This is another HUL soap brand for the ‘Striving’ or mass segment. This more than 100 years old brand is used by more than 500 million people across India. It is also world’s largest selling soap brand. Consequently HUL has the following vision for the brand: ‘Making a billion Indians feel safe and secure by meeting all their health and hygiene needs’.

Other than the main sub-brand Lifebuoy Total these are its other sub-brands: Lifebuoy deofresh – targeted at freshness, Lifebuoy nature – containing all… Continue reading