Me and Meri Woh!

Launched in 1983 Maggi is the creator of instant noodle category in India. As per Maggi ads it was targeted to children but in real life it has been loved and cherished by college going and hostel living teenagers as well. Maggi was positioned as ‘2-minute noodle’. Please find below a Maggi ad from mid-1980s which shows a young girl asking her mother for quick food: ‘Mummy, I’m hungry’ – and the solution being offered is Maggi. The tagline is ‘Fast to cook, good to eat’.

What is the taste that gets you started?

NESCAFÉ is the world-wide popular coffee brand from Nestlé. The official website of the brand is:

In India, there are four sub-brands under NESCAFÉ:


NESCAFÉ CLASSIC is targeted to urban youth and positioned as ‘100% Pure Instant Coffee’. The ads shows youths enjoying the NESCAFÉ CLASSIC experience and ends with the tagline ‘Coffee at its best’.

NESCAFÉ SUNRISE Premium is the granulated instant coffee. The target segment for the sub-brand is premium urban consumer. So, the ad shows an urban couple… Continue reading

Doodh Badla, Mood Badla

Nestlé Milkmaid is a globally known and a billion dollar brand from Nestlé. This ‘Partly Skimmed Sweetened Condensed Milk’ is available in India ever since the company first started importing products in India long back in 1910s. The product is mainly to be used as an ingredient for desserts. The target segment for the brand is Indian home maker who prepares food and desserts at home. Now that the product is well established in the market over the years, Nestlé intends to build an even closer relationship with its customers. An important and innovative initiative to that end is… Continue reading

NESTLÉ Fresh ‘n’ Natural

Under this brand three product varieties are offered – Dahi, Slim Dahi and Raita. The brand again just like Nesvita provides the benefit of help improve digestion. The target segment is urban health conscious people.

The positioning is little different in the sense it focuses on its high calcium content and rich & creamy taste. The ads feature the same theme and end with the tagline ‘Yeh dahi hai sahi’.

NESTLÉ Fresh ‘n’ Natural Slim Dahi is the low fat variety and positioned as ‘the tasty, low fat way to a fit and healthy lifestyle’ and has the same… Continue reading


Under the brand NESVITA NESTLÉ has three sub-brands which are – PRO-HEART MILK, Dahi and Fruit Yoghurt. Mission of this brand is ‘Every Day, Healthy Day!’.

Launched very recently in mid-2008, NESTLÉ NESVITA PRO-HEART is India’s first packaged milk with Omega 3 fatty acid. This sub-brand offered in metros and targets urban health conscious people especially those who want to avoid problem associated with cholesterol. The brand is positioned as ‘your easy everyday partner to take care of your family’s heart health’. The brand’s ads focuses on both the product attributes Omega 3 which helps manage cholesterol and low… Continue reading

Keep fit, Look good

NESTLÉ Milk is the packaged milk from NESTLÉ and offered in two varieties – normal and slim. The normal version is targeted to urban population and available in all metros. It is positioned around the theme of health and has the tagline ‘Purity is a guarantee for health’. NESTLÉ Slim Milk – the healthier and low fat version – is targeted to urban health conscious consumer. Consequently the ads shows urban people who want a slim trim body and look good – the solution offered to them is Nestlé slim milk and dahi. The tagline… Continue reading