Indian advertising at its best

This awesome ad is an example of Indian advertising at its best. The theme of the ad is the death of the husband of a woman. In India a mark on forehead is a sign of a married woman. In the ad as the woman used permanent marker to make the mark on forehead, her husband came back alive even after death… Continue reading

How To Bend Physics To Make Sales – Part-III

Here is our 3rd and last (for the time being) installment of amazing 3D billboard ads…

There’s nothing subtle about this in-your-face American advert for diarrhoea treatment Imodium, with its huge empty toilet roll attached to the billboard

A green tidal wave was created to promote Nationwide Insurance in Texas. The company had to hire the wall, the car park and the three vehicles before letting loose with… Continue reading

How To Bend Physics To Make Sales – Part-I

Advertisers will go any extent to squeeze out our hard earned cash. We saw some awesome 2D print ads in our post “Must See – Eight Awesome Ads” and let’s turn our attention to 3D. These 3d billboard advertisements is all about adding the extra dimension to the ads to get the extra penny out of your pocket. Some of these are bold, some are brash and even some can break cars but one thing is common among all of them is that – all are awesome. So, let’s enjoy three such awesome 3D billboard ads….… Continue reading