HUL Fact File and Brands


HUL Fact File


“To earn the love and respect of India, by making real difference to every Indian.”

“Our mission is to add Vitality to life. We meet everyday needs for nutrition, hygiene, and personal care with brands that help people feel good, look good and get more out of life.”

Gross Turnover (2007-08)
Rs. 14938 Crore

Profit After Tax (2007-08)
Rs. 1769 Crore

Number of Employees


Harish Manwani… Continue reading

ITC Brands in Food Category (Part-1)


It is a brand in the food segment. Products under this brand are present in product categories including atta, salt, spices and instant mixes. Till recently these were considered as commodity and were sold unbranded. Now, to cut through the clutter of unbranded varieties ITC used a combination of functional and emotional attributes to position the products. Now these are mass market products. It is the whole family that consumes these products. So, the target segment for this brand is the typical Indian family with the housewife who prepares the food at home as the focus.  “Khusiyan Chun… Continue reading

Brands of India: Introduction and ITC



TNMG or ’The Next Marketing Guru’ is my next attempt at serious blogging. Using this brand new blog I want to bring all the learning in management in general and marketing in specific to the practical world. The objective here will be to bring the cutting edge knowledge from academic and research world to the benefit of all of us facing practical issues in business and consumption world!With that objective I start this series namely ‘Brands Of India’ which is to analyse Indian Brands across industries from primarily marketing and advertising point of view. From time to time whenever… Continue reading

Nestlé India

Nestlé India


Nestlé India is a subsidiary of Nestlé S.A., headquartered at Vevey, Switzerland. Globally, Nestlé (website: is a leading nutrition, health and wellness company. The original parent company was founded in 1905 as a result of a merger of two companies namely – ‘Anglo-Swiss Milk Company’ for milk products and the ‘Farine Lactée Henri Nestlé Company’. The former of the two was established in 1866 by the Page Brothers in Cham, Switzerland and the later was established in 1866 by Henri Nestlé to provide an infant food product. Even during… Continue reading

Kissan – a HUL food brand

Kissan is a food brand that was acquired by HUL in 1994 from the UB Group. Following products are offered under this brand: ketchup, other sauces, jams, squashes and ready-to-drink products. The main target segment for the brand is the growing kids and the positioning is: ‘deliciously wholesome products for kids to grow up’. Consequently, most Kissan ads show kids eating foods only when Kissan jam or ketchup is applied to it. Continue reading

ITC Brands in Food Category (Part-2)


Mint-o is a popular mint candy. It was acquired from Candico by ITC in March 2002. ITC describes this brand as ‘youthful cool’. Following is a snap shot of mint-o AD.

In October 2004 ITC extended the brand and launched another product ‘Mint-o Fresh’.
The target segment for Min-o and Mint-o Fresh being the youth – both these brand exudes a ‘bindas’ youthful image.

This is another product from ITC in the candy category. But the target segment for this is