Dear Student,

We are conducting this survey as part of a research being conducted by the Marketing Area at XLRI, Jamshedpur to understand the impact of reviews posted on social media sites on the consumers. You are kindly requested to fill the survey as soon as possible and help this research. The responses collected will remain solely confidential and you are requested not to discuss the questions or your responses with anyone else.

Please click on the appropriate link based on your roll number. Each person should click on a single link according to his/her roll number. Once you click the link a survey page will open. The survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete and all the questions are mandatory. Please read all the survey questions carefully and answer them honestly. 

The questions are divided into six pages for ease of response and a progress bar at the bottom of the page will indicate your completion status. To go to the next page of the survey please click on the right arrow link visible on the bottom right corner of the page. In the top of the second page of the survey an image of a review should be there. Please wait till the image of the review is fully loaded.

The instructions and survey links are also available at If you have any doubt or feedback regarding this research or survey please contact Prof. Sanjeev Varshney ( or Angshuman Ghosh ( Thanks a lot for your valuable time and responses.

Roll No Group Survey Link
01-10 1
11-20 2
21-30 3
31-40 4
41-50 5
51-60 6
61-70 7
71-80 8
81-90 9
91-100 10
101-110 11
111-120+ 12


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