ITC Brands in Paper and Other Category


This brand caters to stationery products, an industry that ITC entered in the year 2002. It offers products like notebooks, long books, drawing books etc. The target segment for ‘Classmate’ is the ‘school goers’. Recently the brand extended to launch a new range ‘Classmate Fun N Learn’ which targets the children segment. Recently under the classmate brand ITC has launched branded pens in selected markets. One of the tools to promote the brand is ‘Classmate Young Author & Artist Contest’ which is successfully running for last five years. The tagline for the brand is: ‘Inspiring Young Minds’ aptly… Continue reading

ITC Brands in Personal Care Category

Essenza Di Wills

This is the ‘Super Premium’ personal care brand from ITC. It is the range of ‘prestige fine fragrances’ and was launched in mid 2005. The signature range Inzio has distinct ranges for men (Inizio Homme) and women (Inizio Femme) and provides a ‘comprehensive grooming regime’. The Aqua range for men is a symbol of ‘essence of stylish and confident man’. The latest addition to this brand is ‘Mikkel’ which stands for a ‘fine balance between Mystery and Elegance’.

Fiama Di Wills

This is the ‘Premium’ personal care brand from… Continue reading

ITC Brands in Hotel and Apparel Category

ITC Welcome group

This brand is in the hotel segment. The journey of ITC in the hotel business started with the acquisition of a hotel in Chennai in the year 1975.

ITC hotel is a premium offering and hence targets rich urban people and within than mainly executive class.

Currently ITC has more than 6000 rooms across different locations in India under 4 brands. As per an ITC presentation following is what these four brands stand for:


ITC Hotel: Luxury Collection
‘Mansions of Luxury’

WelcomHotel: Sheraton… Continue reading

ITC Brands in Food Category (Part-1)


It is a brand in the food segment. Products under this brand are present in product categories including atta, salt, spices and instant mixes. Till recently these were considered as commodity and were sold unbranded. Now, to cut through the clutter of unbranded varieties ITC used a combination of functional and emotional attributes to position the products. Now these are mass market products. It is the whole family that consumes these products. So, the target segment for this brand is the typical Indian family with the housewife who prepares the food at home as the focus.  “Khusiyan Chun… Continue reading


Disclaimer – One reader has problem with my work more often than not :). He ALWAYS says – “So what’s new?” So, I would like to tell him and others, my writings are not innovative. I do not sit under an apple tree and discover gravity.

Marketing is something even a new born practices – he knows how to promote himself – how to attract clients. It is INNATE and can’t be discovered. My attempts are to just make readers realize that marketing is inbuilt in everyone’s life and how companies are Re-innovating and utilizing it.… Continue reading

Doodh Badla, Mood Badla

Nestlé Milkmaid is a globally known and a billion dollar brand from Nestlé. This ‘Partly Skimmed Sweetened Condensed Milk’ is available in India ever since the company first started importing products in India long back in 1910s. The product is mainly to be used as an ingredient for desserts. The target segment for the brand is Indian home maker who prepares food and desserts at home. Now that the product is well established in the market over the years, Nestlé intends to build an even closer relationship with its customers. An important and innovative initiative to that end is… Continue reading