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Hello friends!

I’m writing again after a long time. Really sorry for the long break! But all this time I was busy making TNMG a more valuable offering for all of you. Time is precious so without any more elaboration let’s come to the point.

Yesterday, Manoj – a very good friend of mine came to me at around 3 AM in night (or should I say early morning :P). Now,  in a busy B-School none has time for any crap at such a time and that means it was something serious. And it was! To give a background to the uninitiated – it is the much anticipated placement season in Indian B-Schools. And, this is the time for which budding managers wait for 2 years – placement – one single panacea for all (or is it?).

Anyway, coming back to the core topic – Manoj had some doubts which I think many other people might have – about basics of Marketing. And in last few days some more people pinged me for similar stuff. Now, I suddenly remember that I had written a small document about the basic concepts in Marketing and I think it might be very useful for the ongoing placement season. So, here you go…

Feel free to download and share. And in case you have any doubts in any aspects of Marketing get back to me at I would be really happy to help you. All the best! 😀

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About Dr. Angshu

Dr. Angshu is the founder and owner of TNMG: The Next Marketing Guru. He is a PhD and MBA in Marketing from XLRI Jamshedpur. Currently he is leading large scale marketing, research & analytics projects as part of Strategy & Insights team at Star India, India’s no. 1 Media & Entertainment company. In his last job, he was heading Consumer Insights function for Spice Group. Earlier he has worked for Wipro Technologies and managed IT projects for marketing division of a Fortune 100 company. Dr. Angshu is a Visiting Professor at XLRI and IMT Ghaziabad. He has published multiple research papers on marketing, social media and luxury consumption. Recently he has published a book titled “Influence 2.0: How Social Media WOM Influences You" published by reputed international publishing house Lambert Publishing. Other than work and academics, he is a social media addict, big foodie and amateur pianist. You can contact him by: Gmail | Facebook | LinkedIn

4 thoughts on “Marketing Basics – TNMG Gift for Placements

  1. Thanks for your visit and comment Bhuvan.
    Though many of the information present in the document is taken from places – they way we presented, edited and written it is 100% original including all the text and diagrams. We believe in free sharing of knowledge but also think creator of an idea or document should get the due credit and hence the copyright notice.
    You are free to use and share it for personal non-commercial use. For any other suggestions, doubts or queries please get back to us. We will love to listen from you. 🙂

  2. Dear Angshu

    I have read a few articles on this website and must say that your articles are a lot of fun. I have been trying to get in touch with you with respect to a Global Dubai Tea Forum to be held in Dubai in April 2016. Please could you email me your contact numbers or your email ID (Whichever is suitable), we could then discuss further?

    Many thanks & look forward to hearing from you.

    With best regards

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