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Launched in 1983 Maggi is the creator of instant noodle category in India. As per Maggi ads it was targeted to children but in real life it has been loved and cherished by college going and hostel living teenagers as well. Maggi was positioned as ‘2-minute noodle’. Please find below a Maggi ad from mid-1980s which shows a young girl asking her mother for quick food: ‘Mummy, I’m hungry’ – and the solution being offered is Maggi. The tagline is ‘Fast to cook, good to eat’.

The same theme and message continued in the Maggi ads during the early 1990s where hungry children come to their mother and say ‘Mummy, bhook lagi hai’ (Mother, I’m hungry) and the mother’s response was ‘Bas do minute’ (Wait for 2-minute).  Please find below a TV ad of Maggi from early 1990s.

As Maggi became popular and an established brand the communication changed a little during the late 1990s where rather than asking for quick food children started asking for Maggi directly – ‘Badi Gazab Ki Bhook Lagi, Maggi Chahiye Mujhe Abhi’ i.e. ‘Feeling very hungry, I want Maggi quickly’. Though over the years Maggi was offered in different flavors the Masala variety is considered as the most successful one.

During the 2000s the focus of Maggi ads shifted from just a 2-minute noodle to also include the benefits of its protein and calcium content. Consequent with the emotional positioning on ‘Taste + Health’ the current tagline of Maggi is: ‘Taste Bhi, Health Bhi’.

During last few years many different product varieties were launched under the brand name Maggi. These include – rice noodle Mania, Maggi Vegetable Atta Noodles and ‘Sambar’ Dal Atta Noodles among others. One variation of rice noodle Mania is Maggi Cuppa Mania Insta Noodle which is mainly targeted to the today’s busy youth and hence the punch line “Just add garam paani … Carry on jaani”. Maggi Rice Noodle, Vegetable Atta Noodles and ‘Sambar’ Dal Atta Noodles are targeted to the whole family. All these Maggi noodles are positioned on functional attribute of convenient quick food and the emotional attributes of ‘Taste + Health’. Two other popular products under the Maggi brand are – Sauces and Soups. Maggi sauce is targeted to the mass market and positioned along the emotional appeal of ‘lip smacking taste’. Its popular slogan has remained over the decades ‘It’s different!’. A new avatar of Maggi sauce is Maggi Pichkoo. It is available in small affordable pack which is easy to carry & use. Maggi Pichkoo is intended to extend the use of the product to a wider consumer base.

Maggi Soups are offered in two varieties – MAGGI Healthy Soups and MAGGI Healthy Soup- Sanjeevni. Offered in different types like Home, Chef and Chinese Style – Maggi soups are targeted to the whole family and positioned along product attributes of ‘real vegetables, are low fat, low cholesterol and free from synthetic colours and added MSG’ along with the emotional attributes of ‘Taste + Health’. Sanjeevni is the instant single serve packs of soups and meant to extend the consumer base of Maggi soups.

Some other offerings under Maggi brand name are – MAGGI Pizza Mazza, MAGGI MAGIC Cubes, AGGI Bhuna Masala and MAGGI Coconut Milk Powder. To engage consumers and build relationship with them Maggi has a website named: Recently as part of its 25-year celebration it has launched an exciting and interactive website – – where user stories and recipes around Maggi are shared.

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  1. i love maggi sooooooo muchhhhh, you know in our play group there is fancy dress competition n I participated as ‘MAGGI NOODLES’ , i dressed up as maggi n i won prize for that.

    • Hi Kahaan,

      please share your ideas as to how to dress up like maggi noodles since i want to dress up my daugher for her fancy dress competition as noodles

  2. please include some more marketing tools to explain the “maggi” which inspite of being a brand has become a product today. the above information is also relevant and helpful.

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