Global Top 10 in 2009 – The Results Are In

The Departure
We were running the series on Indian brands named ‘Brands of India’. But suddenly this departure! It is definitely justified if it raises some questions in your mind. But hey, don’t worry! ‘Brands of India’ will continue after a refreshing break!
The New Course
Now, coming to this out of course article – Sept. 17, 2009 was an important day for marketing people worldwide. Why you ask? The answer is: it was the day when world’s most popular branding report came out – yes, I’m talking about Interbrand’s Top Global Brands of 2009. So, could not resist posting an article on that. And, who does not like surprises, of course..the pleasant ones! Don’t you? So, here you go for the TOP-10…
No. 1: Coca-Cola
Up 3% to $68.73 billion
· A 123 year young brand
· No.1 producer of sparkling beverages in volume and dollar terms
· More than 700 product launches in 2008
· Truly GLOBAL brand – present in 200 countries
· Giving “Open Happiness” in the tough times
No. 2: IBM
Up 2% to $60.21 billion
· Big Blue – another truly global brand – present in 170 countries
· Successfully shifting from hardware provider to a s/w and services brand
No. 3: Microsoft
Down 4% to $56.65 billion
· First YoY decline in its public history
· Maturing market – facing stiff competition
· Internet Explorer lost 10% market share to Mozilla Firefox
· Biggest launch last year – Bing (Google it if u don’t know!)
No. 4: GE
Down 10% to $47.78 billion
· Lost leadership position in medical technology last year
· Slip in technology leadership and financial services business as well
· ‘Ecomagination’ – going green or red?
No. 5: Nokia
Down 3% to $34.87 billion
· Growing in developing markets
· Targeting younger audience with trendier design and low cost
· Tie up with AT&T; in US
· iPhone and BlackBerry – can N97 combat them?
No. 6: McDonald’s
Up 4% to $32.28 billion
· “I’m Lovin’ It” = 6 mn more customers
· Expansion to new markets with low price strategy
· Big Challenge 4 Big Mac – higher food costs (higher beef and cheese costs in US)
No. 7: Google
Up 25 percent to $31.98 billion (It’s recession time!)
· Continuous innovation – actually!
· Google Crome – two times faster than competitors
· September 2008 – launch of Android phone software
· Allegation – very large, diversified, and very profitable company
No. 8: Toyota
Down 8% to $31.33 billion
· 2008 – First loss in 70 years
· Net revenue down 21%, sales dip 15%
· Fuel prices down = Prius (‘Hybrid Synergy Drive’) down
· Going RED but by 2011 it expects to have 100 ‘green’ dealerships!
No. 9: Intel
Down 2% to $30.64 billion
· Trying to capture fast-growing mobile computing market

· Atom doing well with Notebooks (issues – cost and power consumption)
· World’s No.1 chipmaker ties up with world’s No. 1 handset maker

‘Intel Inside’ + ‘Connecting People’ =?
No. 10: Disney
Down 3% to $28.45 billion
· Recession -> Tighter ad budgets -> Disney Dooms
· New formats – video games, new resorts, and interactive websites
· Is the magic over? Wait 4 Toy Story 3…

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  1. hi! this a good insight into the top brands in India. One suggestion would be add a brand from rural India as major population of India lies in rural areas and also is a lucrative market for marketers.

    • Thanks a lot for the comment Khushbu. We will try to include some brands from rural India soon. I checked your website and really like it. If you want to contribute anything to TNMG – you are most welcome to. Let me know anytime 🙂


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