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How to Handle Information Overload?

“640K ought to be enough for anybody” – Bill Gates. Yes, that was Bill Gates – Microsoft Founder during early 1980s on the maximum memory that people will require for their computers. When I’m writing this article using Microsoft Word on my laptop running on Microsoft Windows whose 160 GB hard disk will be almost full once I finish this article – there can’t be a better irony than this. Notwithstanding Bill Gates’ wise prediction the number of transistors on integrated circuits is doubling every two years following the famous Moore’s law. Following graph shows Moore’s law in action… Continue reading

TNMG Fact #1

  1. ‘Bimbo’ is a brand of soft drink manufactured and marketed by Coke.
  2. Colgate’s first toothpaste came in a jar.
  3. Cow is a Japanese brand of shaving foam.
  4. Duracell, the battery-maker, built parts of its new international headquarters using materials from its own waste.
  5. Henry Ford, father of the Automobile, is also father of the charcoal briquette.
  6. If Wal-Mart was classified as a country, it would be the 24th most productive country in the