Freedom equal to no free lunch, water and air?

Water is a must for living. But even a decade back none really bothered much about it. India being a land of rivers water was never scarce. But as they say resources are always constrained. And, here comes a time when you need to pay for a basic entity of living called ‘water’. In last few years we have seen hordes of companies jumping the bandwagon of water business. Bottled water has become an omni-present phenomenon. With the huge success of initial brands like Bisleri, companies like Pepsi (with Aquafina) and Coca-Cola (with Kinley) also… Continue reading

Porter’s Five Forces Model

Porter’s Five Forces Model is one of the most popular frameworks in management. This framework is widely used across management disciplines specially so in case of Strategy and Marketing. . This is one model that has brought strategic management in the heart of management agenda. Porter’s Five Forces Model helps analyze competitive scenario in an industry. This framework helps determine industry profitability and can be used as one of the inputs while deciding to enter an industry. This famous framework was contributed by Michael E. Porter. The basic framework is as shown in the diagram below.

Why blame XLRI when Harvard also does it!

Most of you – especially those from India – know that XLRI, Jamshedpur is one the top B-Schools in India. But we are not interested about anything about B-School or ranking of them in this article. That is definitely a debatable and hence interesting topic and might be the subject matter of some future article on TNMG.

Coming back to the current article a few months back XLRI launched a campus store. This is how media describes the start of the initiative:
“Students and the alumni can show it off, admirers can make a statement. XLRI-branded apparel is now… Continue reading

HUL Segmentation and Lux

HUL Segmentation

As per values and lifestyle segmentation, HUL divides the consumers into three segments: Striving, Aspiring and Affluent. The target segments of HUL’s key brands as per this segmentation method are shown in the figure below (Source: HUL Company Presentation).



This famous soap brand was launched in India in 1929. Lux is available in different colors and fragrances and recently body wash and two fruit extract soaps have also been launched under the same brand. Lux range provides benefits like firming, fairness and moisturizing and… Continue reading

HUL – Introduction

Hindustan Unilever Limited or HUL as it is popularly known as started its journey in the Indian soil long back in the year 1933. So, this year the company is celebrating its 75th year’s anniversary. In the beginning the name of the company was ‘Lever Brothers India Limited’. Then, in 1956 ‘Hindustan Lever Limited’ (or more popularly HLL) was formed with the merger of three companies namely ‘Lever Brothers’, ‘Hindustan Vanaspati Mfg. Co. Ltd.’ and ‘United Traders Ltd.’. In June 2007, the company was renamed to ‘Hindustan Unilever Limited’. Unilever, the anglo-dutch parent of HUL has 52% stake in it… Continue reading