Washroom Advertising – alone in the loo? :P


It is all about grabbing attention when it comes to marketing and who would not want “ALONE TIME” with the consumer. Marketer would feel elated if he could convey his ads/promotional campaigns when the consumer can’t drive past or change the channel.

The evolution is interesting to study –

Companies tried getting their ads outdoors – so it was banners/hoardings in addition to ads on TV, radio & print media

Then it was essential to create curiosity in every ambience – so the concept of ambient marketing took over – be it the dumb bell shaped holder… Continue reading

Why does RBI issue or buyback government bonds?

Last week, I met little Sam. He is a school student, and doesn’t understand Finance much. But some day he wants to make it big in Finance, because he has heard that Finance has got something to do with mathematics, and he loves it. That’s not a bad reason at all, at least to start with, I thought.

Sam knows that bonds pay pre-fixed returns, unlike equities. He wanted to know something about bond mathematics and about bond trading strategies. He knew that corporate issue bonds because they need money for their projects, and operations. Little… Continue reading

Vaseline – when NOT to use it?

Vaseline has become a generic name for skin care across the world. It is basically a Petroleum jelly which was originally promoted as an ointment with healing properties. The raw material for this was first discovered at Titusville, Pennsylvania, United States long back in 1859. The workers in the nearby oil rigs started using it for the healing properties which was discovered accidentally. But the credit of converting the “rod wax” to a commercial Petroleum jelly goes to a young scientist named Robert Chesebrough. He went to Titusville and converted the unrefined black “rod wax” to a light-colored gel popularly… Continue reading

Pond’s – the new Fair & Lovely?

A New York based pharmacist Theron T Pond is credited with the invention of Pond’s in 1846. Pond’s Cold Cream and Vanishing Cream was launched in 1914 in USA. Pond’s became a part of the Unilever family in 1987. The brand is available in India from 1947 and current it’s an international beauty icon with presence in 58 countries across the world. The brand offers two main products: cream and talcum powder.

Pond’s Cream:
Historically the positioning of Pond’s Cream is not very consistent. Though the core of Pond’s is softness or gentleness they unsuccessfully tried to position… Continue reading

Why blame XLRI when Harvard also does it!

Most of you – especially those from India – know that XLRI, Jamshedpur is one the top B-Schools in India. But we are not interested about anything about B-School or ranking of them in this article. That is definitely a debatable and hence interesting topic and might be the subject matter of some future article on TNMG.

Coming back to the current article a few months back XLRI launched a campus store. This is how media describes the start of the initiative:
“Students and the alumni can show it off, admirers can make a statement. XLRI-branded apparel is now… Continue reading