Marketing Basics – TNMG Gift for Placements


Hello friends!

I’m writing again after a long time. Really sorry for the long break! But all this time I was busy making TNMG a more valuable offering for all of you. Time is precious so without any more elaboration let’s come to the point.

Yesterday, Manoj – a very good friend of mine came to me at around 3 AM in night (or should I say early morning :P). Now,  in a busy B-School none has time for any crap at such a time and that means it was something serious. And it… Continue reading

18 awesome tips to make you a Google Search expert

If you are a person like me who spends most of his time in the virtual world – Google is perhaps your best friend, philosopher and guide. But many a times you don’t get the desired results in your Google search or it takes more time and efforts than you expected. And you never liked the extra time and effort that you had to spend. May be you could have spent that precious time with your ‘better than the best’ friends! So, to help you do that – I’ve compiled an expert list of 18 quick tips. This will definitely… Continue reading

How to do Competitive Advertising?


Heard about competition? Obviously you have. And, advertisement? What a silly question to ask! Of course, you did. So, may be now it’s time to learn a little bit about ‘competitive advertising’. This is how a dictionary describes the term: “a commonly used type of advertising that communicates the unique benefits of a product, differentiating it from the competition”. So, it’s basically way of communicating how your product is superior from competition. In management jargons: “positioning your product based on the USP or competitive advantage”. Most competitive advertising shows more than one (has to be!) competing products with feature-wise comparison… Continue reading

Me and Meri Woh!

Launched in 1983 Maggi is the creator of instant noodle category in India. As per Maggi ads it was targeted to children but in real life it has been loved and cherished by college going and hostel living teenagers as well. Maggi was positioned as ‘2-minute noodle’. Please find below a Maggi ad from mid-1980s which shows a young girl asking her mother for quick food: ‘Mummy, I’m hungry’ – and the solution being offered is Maggi. The tagline is ‘Fast to cook, good to eat’.

What is the taste that gets you started?

NESCAFÉ is the world-wide popular coffee brand from Nestlé. The official website of the brand is:

In India, there are four sub-brands under NESCAFÉ:


NESCAFÉ CLASSIC is targeted to urban youth and positioned as ‘100% Pure Instant Coffee’. The ads shows youths enjoying the NESCAFÉ CLASSIC experience and ends with the tagline ‘Coffee at its best’.

NESCAFÉ SUNRISE Premium is the granulated instant coffee. The target segment for the sub-brand is premium urban consumer. So, the ad shows an urban couple… Continue reading

Freedom equal to no free lunch, water and air?

Water is a must for living. But even a decade back none really bothered much about it. India being a land of rivers water was never scarce. But as they say resources are always constrained. And, here comes a time when you need to pay for a basic entity of living called ‘water’. In last few years we have seen hordes of companies jumping the bandwagon of water business. Bottled water has become an omni-present phenomenon. With the huge success of initial brands like Bisleri, companies like Pepsi (with Aquafina) and Coca-Cola (with Kinley) also… Continue reading