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The author is a post graduate management student. She was previously working with AC Nielsen in the Qualitative research division. Feel free to write back to her : geeyes18@yahoo.co.in


Disclaimer – One reader has problem with my work more often than not :). He ALWAYS says – “So what’s new?” So, I would like to tell him and others, my writings are not innovative. I do not sit under an apple tree and discover gravity.

Marketing is something even a new born practices – he knows how to promote himself – how to attract clients. It is INNATE and can’t be discovered. My attempts are to just make readers realize that marketing is inbuilt in everyone’s life and how companies are Re-innovating and utilizing it.… Continue reading

Marketing the INVISIBLE

I saw an ad for a cooling tower on the first page of a newspaper – “It says every time you feel cold inside a 5 star hotel – always remember that we are behind it.”

Ever seen tire ads on TV?

Remember the illustrious “Intel inside” campaign?

As a retail customer – do you or I go about buying chips for PCs or tires or for that matter cooling towers?

Then what are these ads doing – Why are… Continue reading

Washroom Advertising – alone in the loo? :P


It is all about grabbing attention when it comes to marketing and who would not want “ALONE TIME” with the consumer. Marketer would feel elated if he could convey his ads/promotional campaigns when the consumer can’t drive past or change the channel.

The evolution is interesting to study –

Companies tried getting their ads outdoors – so it was banners/hoardings in addition to ads on TV, radio & print media

Then it was essential to create curiosity in every ambience – so the concept of ambient marketing took over – be it the dumb bell shaped holder… Continue reading