Surf Excel – Dirt is Good

Surf Excel is the HUL laundry brand for the ‘Affluent’ or premium-class. Earlier the focus of the brand was on functional attribute of whiteness as shown in this 1970s ad featuring Lalitaji as shown below. But over the year the focus of this range of detergent powder has changed to broader emotional positioning and now it claims to cater to ‘constantly changing washing needs of the Indian homemaker’.

This range of detergent powder provides the benefits of ‘removing stains’ and ‘keeping the color as it is’. The taglines of the… Continue reading

HUL Segmentation and Lux

HUL Segmentation

As per values and lifestyle segmentation, HUL divides the consumers into three segments: Striving, Aspiring and Affluent. The target segments of HUL’s key brands as per this segmentation method are shown in the figure below (Source: HUL Company Presentation).



This famous soap brand was launched in India in 1929. Lux is available in different colors and fragrances and recently body wash and two fruit extract soaps have also been launched under the same brand. Lux range provides benefits like firming, fairness and moisturizing and… Continue reading

HUL – Introduction

Hindustan Unilever Limited or HUL as it is popularly known as started its journey in the Indian soil long back in the year 1933. So, this year the company is celebrating its 75th year’s anniversary. In the beginning the name of the company was ‘Lever Brothers India Limited’. Then, in 1956 ‘Hindustan Lever Limited’ (or more popularly HLL) was formed with the merger of three companies namely ‘Lever Brothers’, ‘Hindustan Vanaspati Mfg. Co. Ltd.’ and ‘United Traders Ltd.’. In June 2007, the company was renamed to ‘Hindustan Unilever Limited’. Unilever, the anglo-dutch parent of HUL has 52% stake in it… Continue reading

ITC Brands in Food Category (Part-2)


Mint-o is a popular mint candy. It was acquired from Candico by ITC in March 2002. ITC describes this brand as ‘youthful cool’. Following is a snap shot of mint-o AD.

In October 2004 ITC extended the brand and launched another product ‘Mint-o Fresh’.
The target segment for Min-o and Mint-o Fresh being the youth – both these brand exudes a ‘bindas’ youthful image.

This is another product from ITC in the candy category. But the target segment for this is